NBA Star Scottie Barnes Joins Forces with

Reside for Innovative Toronto Urban Living

“As an athlete, I am always seeking new ways to innovate. And this collaboration allows me to bring that energy to creating a space that can truly inspire the residents. I am especially excited about designing the state-of-the-art sports simulator room where residents, including myself, can play, train, and stay active. Together we are building something incredible for the community and I can’t wait to see it all come to life.”


Where Design Shines Through

Embrace Scottie Barnes’ innovative touch as he contributes his vision to Reside on Richmond’s design. The sports simulator room and modern aesthetics reflect a commitment to both active living and modern convenience.

Fit for an Athlete

Through this unique partnership, cutting-edge design elements are seamlessly integrated, creating a fitness environment that echoes Barnes’ dynamism and the sleek sophistication of contemporary aesthetics.


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